On site gun storage

The Vault

Smiffy’s Guns n Ammo offer alternative safe storage of firearms and ammunition.

Protecting your family by storing guns out of the home is becoming increasingly popular. Removing guns from the curiosity of children and the risk of theft is firmly believed to be an important contribution to safety. Many spouses feel comforted to know a firearm is not easily accessible.

Multiple Levels of Access

  • Security access code to enter The Vault facility
  • Re-enter security access code to enter the Gun Vault (the system knows if you have rights)

Security Camera in the Gun Vault

  • Security cameras monitoring the entrance to the Gun Vault and the entrance of the shop
  • Panoramic camera inside the Gun Vault

Storage of weapons: Source Queensland Police

​​In order to complete an application for a licence you need to have access to secure storage facilities for any weapons you might acquire.

This section details:

The storage requirements for weapons vary depending on the category of weapon you are holding and the number of weapons you are storing.

Storage – Firearms and Weapons

A person who possesses a firearm must take all reasonable precautions to ensure

a. Its safe storage
b. That it is not stolen or lost
c. That it does not come into the possession of a person who is not authorised to possess a firearm

Firearms Storage Brochure

Section 60 of the Weapons Act 1990 and sections 94-97 of the Weapons Regulations 2016 detail specific requirements relating to storage.

The Regulation clarifies requirements for the lawful carriage of firearms when moving across paddocks divided by a road. The Weapons and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012 specifies that the storage requirements imposed by s.95 of the Regulation, do not apply in such circumstances.

There are different storage requirements for Dealers, Armourers, Theatrical Ordnance Suppliers and Security Organisations.